Delicious, sophisticated, artisanal.
This is the Christmas of TASTE
Edition 17
Among traditional panettone and pandoro, exquisite typical sweets and refined chocolate creations, gianduja creams, and zabaione. In the displays and on the holiday tables, the delicacies offered by Taste companies are a must-have: a selection of the finest examples of Italian craftsmanship to wish everyone a truly delicious Christmas.
A Ricchigia
Named after the district where the family's ancient pistachio grove is located. The company is identified with the only DOP-certified fruit, the pistachio, "the wealth" of this land. Located in Bronte, Sicily, near the Simeto River, it produces panettone with pistachio cream, white chocolate glaze, pistachio grains, creams, pestos, jams, and pastries.

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Alberto Marchetti
Marchetti creates unique products through the selection of the finest raw materials. Like Zabà, the jarred zabaglione is made with fresh, free-range eggs and 100% Italian sugar. It follows the Langa recipe with Marsala, embodying Turin's tradition. At Christmas, it's time for Panduja and Zabaudo: a giandujotto that resembles a pandoro.

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Artisanship and respect for raw materials are key in these large leavened goods "made in Frosinone." The company, awarded Best Panettone in Italy 2019 and Best Emerging Pastry Chef 2021, uses the traditional Milanese recipe enriched with sultanas, Sicilian orange, and Calabrian citron. The process begins with nurturing the sourdough starter, adding stone-ground flour, French centrifugal butter, free-range, certified eggs, natural Madagascar vanilla, and high-quality candied fruit.

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Guido Gobino
A refined Turin chocolatier with over 50 years of tradition, specializing in typical Piedmontese productions like Gianduiotto and Giuanduia cream. In beautiful, sometimes Christmas-themed, packages are cocoa jewels: wafers, tourinot, dragées, and cremini. The "Extrabitter," "Monorigine" bars, and specialties like "White with Salted Almond Grains" stand out.

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Lavoratti 1938
The chocolate's recent history is tied to Davide Petrini and Fabio Fazio, who took over this company born in Varazze, Liguria, eighty years ago, in 2020. Elegant packaging conceals pralines, creams, and bars boasting artisanal craftsmanship and "short" labels, where few ingredients guarantee purity and quality. The entire production is conceived as an "editorial line": each product is a story chapter, with tablet packaging resembling a book cover.

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From the Casentino hazelnut groves, managed to respect biological cycles and the environment, a young, innovative company produces spreadable creams, snacks, bars, chocolate, and, of course, whole, roasted, salted, and praline hazelnuts, encapsulating the flavor of this pristine Tuscan corner.
Olivieri 1882
A name that has represented excellence in leavened products for 140 years. The Panettone, mentioned by the New York Times and Boston Globe, contains Australian Raisins, hand-candied oranges, premium Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar, Italian grain flours, raw cane sugar, Belgian centrifugal butter, and Italian acacia honey. Soft and refined, the Pandoro is born from three different doughs after three days of processing. br />
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Pasticceria Filippi
The first naturally leavened bakery products, emphasizing genuine ingredients and tradition, were made in 1972 by Maria and Giuliano. Today, in Zanè, within the Vicenza province, their children continue with the same dedication and spirit, producing high-quality panettone.

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Sgambelluri – Gli artigiani del torrone
In Siderno, Calabria, an ancient pastry shop produces pure almond nougat, the quintessence of the region's culture and tradition. Selecting ingredients and expert preparation give each product a unique taste, with pure Avola almonds and local products ensuring quality.

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A proudly "Sicilian" pastry shop, ambassador of goodness and generosity, right from the colorful tin packaging designed by the company's owner, perfect for gifts. The production uses only Sicilian grain flours, stone-milled, like Timilia, Maiorca, Perciasacchi, and Madonita. Manna, a natural sugar extracted from the sap of certain plant species, mainly the Manna Ash, is chosen for sweetening. And then, a symphony of Sicilian scents: dried figs, almonds, and pistachios. Beyond the "Modica Chocolate Biscottini," there are "Pistachio Ricci," "Zuccotti," and "Cosi Chini," a crunchy pastry enclosing a generous filling.

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