Supply Chain Stories #1
From farm to plate,
the best way to express tradition
Edition 17
There are many entrepreneurs who are directly involved in every step of the supply chain, from cultivating the land to selling the finished products. These individuals are passionate about their craft, whether it be growing crops, making wine, or breeding animals. They value family traditions, respect for the environment, and strive for the highest quality in their products. These elements are crucial in creating a valuable gastronomic experience that educates the palate.
Agricola Piano
A company that transforms and sells everything it produces in its fields through a short supply chain. Their goal is to produce real food while respecting the environment and the consumer. Their philosophy is reflected in their products such as the "èViva" flours and semolina, which are completely natural and contain wheat germ. Additionally, their "Peranzana" olive oil has won awards and is recognized as one of the best in Italy.

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Agricola San Giobbe
In Val di Chiana, tra campi coltivati, stalle avveniristiche, colline rigogliose, boschi e laghi Located in Val di Chiana, amidst cultivated fields, modern stables, lush hills, forests, and pristine lakes, cattle are raised and fed with genuine, native, and self-produced raw materials. The products, including ragù, hamburgers, bresaola, and Chianina IGP meat tortelloni, are of the highest quality, guaranteed by a short supply chain.

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Antica Corte Pallavicina
A great-great-grandfather who was a pork butcher on Giuseppe Verdi's estate later moved to Corte Pallavicina, in Polesine Parmense, to cultivate fertile land, raise pigs and chickens. Today, the family's traditions have evolved into a business dedicated to hospitality, catering, and the production of cold cuts. They also preserve the rural history of the Po riverbank area.  The cellars are stocked with high-quality cheeses and culatelli, while other spaces host a restaurant serving local products and a cozy relais.

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A territory, a vineyard, a family. Cavazza is a family-owned company that has been operating for four generations in two distinct areas with different microclimates and terroirs: Gambellara and Colli Iberici. They follow sustainable viticulture practices and manage the entire wine production process, from the vineyard to the wine shop.

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Frantoio Franci
The adventure of two brothers, Franco and Fernando Franci, began in 1958 in Montenero d'Orcia, a traditional Tuscan town. They started their journey from the historic olive grove Villa Magra. Over the years, they have recovered the best olives and diversified their production to obtain oils with different nuances. They have also created four very precious monocultivars, which are among the most awarded oils in Italy.

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La Maremmana
In the heart of Grosseto Maremma, a family business that from buffalo milk breeding has founded its own dairy inspired by the circular economy model. Artisanal crafting turns buffalo milk into delicious raw milk cheeses.

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