Discover the exhibition itinerary of Taste 17
and the new spaces at the Fortezza
Edition 17
At the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, the 2024 edition of Taste, number 17, will present significant new features.

Firstly, the layout expands to the Padiglione delle Ghiaia, a central and strategic area, which will offer a new dimension and a new way to experience Taste. Here will take place activities parallel to the exhibition area: the UNICREDIT TASTE ARENA will host the Rings of Davide Paolini, the Talks, and the scheduled events; the restaurant by “Filippo – Ristorante a Pietrasanta” will be animated with events and tastings; and finally, the TASTE SHOP is where visitors can purchase products discovered during their visit. 

The entrance to the event will be through Porta Faenza, while the exit will be through Porta Santa Maria Novella. The route is divided into three sections: TASTE TOUR on the Top Floor and the Ground Floor of the Central Pavilion, and at the Cavaniglia Pavilion; TASTE SPIRITS at the Cavaniglia Pavilion and TASTE TOOLS on the Top Floor and the Ground Floor of the Central Pavilion.

Lastly, but no less important, the spaces of the Area Monumentale of the Fortezza will host a series of special projects and participations.