Gourmet Curiosities #1
Here are the companies expanding the boundaries of taste
Edition 17
Tuscan miso, gourmet porchetta, clarified butter, and the “torcetti di Savoia”. These companies balance innovation and tradition, merging the legacy of the past with flavors and influences from distant countries. Their artisanally processed local ingredients transform into products designed for modern needs, stimulating curiosity and broadening the taste horizons.
Unique chickpea and barley varieties like the ancient "Cece Fiorentino" from the Renaissance and Tuscan pearl barley are organically grown to produce exquisite fermented condiments: artisanal Miso, Tamari, and Shoyu, crafted using techniques learned in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Tuscan Miso boasts a rich, spreadable texture with a delicate Umami flavor. Tamari is a gently flavored condiment with a sophisticated taste complexity. Shoyu, made from chickpeas and Senatore Cappelli wheat, undergoes traditional fermentation, offering unique flavor and excellent nutritional qualities.

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Vongole Bernardi
The wild lupine clam, symbolic of the Romagna Riviera and the Adriatic Sea, is packaged in plastic-free, biodegradable paper after a sand removal and chilling process, overcoming shelf-life challenges. This high-quality product can be exported globally, is suitable for private and business clients, and is easy to use to create impressive dishes.

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A "gourmet" porchetta with perfect fat and lean meat balance, delicate, digestible, and delicious with its crispy, flavorful crust. The "Porchetta Campione d'Italia," made in Abruzzo, started in 1980 with roadside sales from a white Bedford van. Now, the company has 60 employees, a certified laboratory producing various gastronomic lines for retail, Horeca channels, eight food trucks, and also offers catering and banqueting services.
"Be My Ghee" clarified butter is made from organic butter at the artisanal Zanchetta Dairy. Its preparation follows a strict protocol of actions, timing, and temperatures over several days, resulting in a unique food, a concentrated source of healthy components, free of casein and water, nourishing both body and mind.

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Mulin Barot
It all began in an ancient mill in the Coassolo woods. Today, the Barra family still artisanally produces "miccone," known for its crumb texture and longevity. Additionally, they make traditional Turin biscuits and breadsticks, like "Torcetti Di Lanzo" (the Savoy's favorite biscuits made from bread dough and rolled in sugar), "Paste di Meliga" (a typical round-shaped Piedmontese biscuit with corn flour), hand-prepared "Rubatà" breadsticks (made without lard or malt, just salt, water, yeast, and flour), and "Stiratin" (a unique creation by Giovanni Barra, rich in extra virgin olive oil).

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