New comers at Taste #1
Edition 17
Discover companies making their debut at the Fortezza
Taste never fails to amaze. In the upcoming edition, over 100 new companies have been selected, with market inputs and the most interesting food trends in mind. Visitors will find a range of exciting new entries included in the exhibition itinerary inside the Fortezza da Basso, from sweet to savory, including spirits and herbal teas. All products add value and interest to any table. 
Here's a taste.
La Cascina 1899
From Calabria, this company specializes in artisanal production of traditional holiday leavened breads, small pastries, and creams encapsulating the aromas of Southern Italy. The standout is the Bergamot, a unique heritage of a sun-kissed and sea-bathed land.

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Forno Sammarco
In the heart of the Gargano hills, a bakery that's also a life project.
Here, the bread culture, lovingly passed down through generations, involves selecting grains, respecting seasons, and constantly researching yeasts and processes.

On offer are taralli, biscuits, local sweets from this part of Puglia, and Panterrone in 10 variants.
Az. agricola Pieve di Campoli
Nestled between Chianti and Chianti Classico, this 450-hectare estate across seven municipalities is owned by the Archdiocese of Florence. It's a unique entity combining production with care and conservation of the Tuscan territory. Historic Sangiovese plants mix with Canaiolo, Colorino, Trebbiano, and the unique Pugnitello. All grapes are delivered to the Cortine cellar in Barberino Tavarnelle hills, producing traditional wine and vinsanto.

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A Vicenza company cultivating and cold-drying organic and IGP-certified plant products. The result includes wellness herbal teas, broths in convenient pyramid filters, and interesting vegetables in pieces or powder, ideal for flavoring risottos, soups, sauces, bread, and more. All without additives, colorants, salt, sugar, and gluten.

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Ernesto Brusa
From this award-winning confectionery, founded in Varese in the 1930s and still bearing its founder's name, come almond and sugar-based small masterpieces, handcrafted and delicious fine chocolate pralines, a result of blending the finest cocoa with nuts, candied fruits, and precious spices.

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Amaro Auser
For three generations, the same recipe of aromatic and medicinal herbs, spices, and fruit peels has created an amaro that embodies traditional values. The company also offers grappas and original artisanal liqueurs.

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High-quality bresaolas, or "brisaole" as they say in Valchiavenna.

The company processes only the finest cuts of exceptional meats, such as Limousine cattle, Scottish Angus, Wagyu (the so-called Japanese Cow rich in omega-3 oleic acid), Iberian Angus, and Piedmontese Fassona.

All naturally preservative-free.
In a village on the hills of Monsummano Terme, Pistoia, an area suited for olive cultivation, this company took on a challenge: to produce organic and biodynamic wine on volcanic, Miocene-era sandy and clay soils. Starting with two labels, the pure Sangiovese “D” red and “Rosé,” with the goal to make a mark.

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