Pitti Taste n.14
Edition 14
Pitti Taste presents the best quality from the world of taste and the novelties in contemporary food culture.
A remarkable journey through the food excellences of Italy and the diversities of its food culture, with forays into lifestyle and design connected with cooking and the like: PITTI TASTE is back from Saturday 9 to Monday 11 March 2019 at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence.

Taste is at one and the same time a business platform and a container for trends and ideas on the contemporary culinary scene, and with each version it is becoming an unmissable event for those working in the sector and for the most enthusiastic food lovers. This fourteenth edition presents novelties from almost 400 companies - a selection of leading Italian companies in contemporary food and wine, along with food & kitchen design objects, clothing and technical equipment for the kitchen. The menu at the Stazione Leopolda is more creative, surprising and tasty than ever, unique in its dense programme of presentations, events and talks focusing on the most up-to-date trends for the dining-table and taste. With a thrilling exhibition itinerary and atmosphere curated by Alessandro Moradei.

“Moon landing or Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe? The symbolic image of Taste 2019 brings together the fascination of distant planets with the discovery of new gourmet scenarios,” says Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine. “The invitation is, in fact, to venture beyond the known boundaries, following the impulse to explore the new dimensions of taste offered by the producers at the show. In its fourteenth edition, Taste maintains its reference numbers while presenting new products, new curiosities and new stories to the public of international buyers and food buffs. An evolution that continues to focus on the ingredients of quality and selection, and that turns the spotlights each time onto the hot topics in contemporary food culture: with the Rings curated by Davide Paolini and a thematic focus.”

“In March our destination will be Planet Bread”, adds Poletto, “following its unmistakeable aroma and arriving in the workshops of the master bakers, on the tables of award-winning chefs, and in the trendiest bakeries. There will be bakers at work, with workshops and fresh bread taken out of the oven several times on the Taste show days; then there will be presentations and conversations with the inhabitants of planet bread. Because bread is nourishment and tradition, pure pleasure and innovation, an exercise in style and a democratic claim. A food that embodies something of all the features of Taste!”