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Acqua Plose renews the line “Gourmet”
Edition 14
The new products presented at Taste 2019 also include Acqua Plose. For 40 years a symbol of excellence on the natural water market, this brand is launching the new label of Acqua Plose Gourmet, the line dedicated to restaurants. Design of the label was inspired by the peaks of Mount Plose, home to the precious natural spring, and format and graphics have also been changed to give greater visibility to the bottles’ content: pure, light water, soft on the palate and therefore the perfect accompaniment to the flavour of food and aroma of great wine. The traditional half-litre bottle of Acqua Plose, ideal when taking a break or for those who dine alone, also goes Gourmet and aims to become a plus for restaurant and eating place owners, encouraging the good practice of glass recycling.