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Welcome to Planet Bread
Edition 14
The image that symbolizes Taste 2019 combines the charisma of distant galaxies with the discovery of new gourmet scenarios. The destination of Taste 2019 is “Planet Bread”.  A food that is as ancient as man, present in all food cultures albeit in different versions, bread will be the theme of this edition. Following the trail of its unmistakable aroma we will arrive at the workshops of master bread-makers, the tables of starred chefs, the trendiest baker’s stores and the bakeries that pass on ancient traditions. We will read about inviting recipes and unusual combinations, we will listen to stories, experiences and points of view. Because bread is nourishment and tradition, pure pleasure and innovation, an exercise in style and a democratic demand. There will be on stage and working bakeries with workshops and freshly baked bread on several occasions during Taste. Plus book presentations and conversations with the inhabitants of planet bread.