“Colors are served”
Many Events... Of All Colors
Edition 17
The theme of this edition of Taste, "Colors are Served," has inspired the content of the talks and other appointments that will animate the calendar of the Unicredit Taste Arena. Here's what we'll be talking about, together with many guests.

_The Flavor of Color
Cooking is a visual art that evokes emotions; colors are fundamental because they come before taste. They guide our choices and our perception of flavors. We'll discuss Chromocuisine and how colors influence the flavor of foods with a neuropsychologist, a nutritionist, a food stylist/blogger, and a chef.

_ Fake Color / Fake Food
Sophistication, adulteration, alteration, counterfeiting: we'll talk about agri-food fraud and health protection with those directly involved.

_The Colors of the Landscape
Climate changes are redrawing the geography and economy of crops: how increases in temperature, droughts, floods, and extreme events impact agricultural production and how farmers react and defend themselves. We'll discuss this with Bernardo Gozzini (administrator of the LaMMA Consortium) and Gerardo Diana (president of the Consorzio di Tutela Arancia Rossa di Sicilia IGP). Moderated by Martina Liverani (Dispensa Magazine).

_ From Seed to Plate: How Food is Made (Sunday, February 4 at 2 PM) 
A talk on the food supply chain and the companies managing the production process. The productive chain between innovation and tradition. Three producer stories told by the director of CiboToday, Massimiliano Tonelli.

Moreover, Davide Paolini will lead some interesting technical tastings by reservation aimed at the professional public. The featured products will include balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and aged meat. The Taste companies will be involved in each meeting.

Finally, in the restaurant area managed by "Filippo – Ristorante a Pietrasanta," on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy highly colorful aperitifs.