In the Ring with Davide Paolini
Edition 17
The UniCredit Taste Arena will be the stage for the usual appointment with the Taste Rings curated by Davide Paolini: three meetings will address as many current topics in the food world, together with guests and experts who will offer interesting food for thought and knowledge.

_Food Fermentations  (Sunday, February 4 at 5:00 PM)
Fermentation and leavening concern many foods such as bread, chocolate, wine, beer, and vinegar. The talk will delve into the various production aspects with the help of a scientist: Professor Duccio Cavalieri, president of the World Society for Fermentation and Leavening Studies. Along with him will be Duccio Cavalieri (University of Florence), Alessio Tessieri (Noalya), Marco Caprai (Caprai Winery), and Edoardo Tilli (Podere Belvedere) and Simone Chiappini.

_The Importance of Branding for SMEs (Saturday, February 3 at 4:00 PM)
Every brand has a dream: to become a unique brand with a distinctive identity that is recognizable and especially loved by its audience. But what does it mean to have a winning brand today, and where do you start "branding" to achieve success for your product and service? Answering the question will be Ilaria Legato and Nicoletta Polliotto (authors of "Creative restaurant branding"), Elisabetta Pandolfini (Antonio Mattei biscottificio) and Piero Rondolino (Acquerello).

_Wine in Amphora (Monday, February 5 at 11:00 AM)
Amphorae are the oldest container for wine fermentation, already adopted by the Romans and especially in Georgia, where, in recent years, a phenomenon has developed involving Italian producers. The talk will try to explain the reasons for the success of this ancient technique featuring Giovanni Manetti (Fornace Manetti), Lapo D’Attoma (wine expert), Bernardo Conticelli (sommelier), Elena Casadei (Le Anfore), and Giovanni Frascolla (Tua Rita).