Taste introduces NEW EGG
Edition 17
20 "domestic" chicken coops created by the artistic duo Vedovamazzei
Craftsmanship, artistic vision, and a quest for a new relationship with nature have led to the creation of a unique project. "New Egg" is a collection of 20 domestic chicken coops, conceived by the duo Vedovamazzei, with artistic direction by Nicolas Ballario and presented by Giannoni & Santoni. After debuting in Turin at the latest edition of Artissima in February 2024, "New Egg" arrives exclusively in Florence as a "Special Project" for the Taste audience. 

The coops from the collection will be set up in the Fortezza, in the Sala della Volta, for the duration of the event. Their colorful architectures will be brought to life by the presence of dozens of hens: they are the main protagonists and beneficiaries of this project (with maximum respect for the animals, entry to the exhibition will be limited).
As the first expression of OFF, a new brand in the Giannoni & Santoni universe, created with the desire to originate objects, works, and products outside the norm, "New Egg" was also realized thanks to the collaboration with Paolo Parisi, the world's most appreciated high-quality egg producer. This symbolizes a vision where ethics, attention to biodiversity, and creativity merge, aiming to build a new awareness around the connection between humans, animals, and nature. 
We would like to suggest to everyone the importance of having a chicken coop at home as if it were an appliance, a refrigerator, or a dishwasher. Respect for the animal world also comes from wanting to take care of them. There is no better way to emphasize the beauty and importance of hens than through contemporary art

— Antonio Giannoni, CEO of the brand

Each "New Egg" coop is a unique piece, handmade, and meticulously designed so that the hen feels comfortable, free, and, above all, safe: easily openable and closable (the hens - just like humans - feel comfortable only in a dark and closed environment at night), with stainless steel interiors and multiple levels to let the animal decide when - and especially if - to exit from an easily identifiable side door. All surfaces are removable and washable. The top hatch is where the nest is kept. A team of experts designed it according to the latest parameters in egg-laying studies.  

The wooden exteriors feature messages with an ironic and political spirit, representative of Vedovamazzei's art, capable of sparking reflection on universal themes such as migration, home, and natural resource management. 
The key to our coops is the same as Vedovamazzei: irony. But it's a cultured, sophisticated irony, not an end in itself. Each henhouse indeed conveys big messages: from 'it will cost us dearly' reminding us of all human self-destructive behaviors, to the right to a home with a spray-painted sign (made by the hens themselves?) saying 'occupied house' with a somewhat unruly look. There is also a coop entirely in gold, another where Heraclitus, Plato, and Aristotle share their views on egg consumption and much more. I couldn't say if it's a henhouse becoming a work of art or a work of art becoming a henhouse... It would be like asking which came first, the egg or the hen.

— Nicolas Ballario, curator of the initiative

To complete it all, Vedovamazzei has imagined an extraordinary design object: an egg holder shaped like a chicken's foot, which, evoking the forms of an ancient candelabra, highlights the sacredness of this ritual, as simple as it is extraordinary.