Edition 15
Words for storing away in your Pantry
How does your shopping measure up? Certainly, food shopping is a question of space, time, and measure. Among the words for storing away in your Pantry, MEASURE could not miss out. Because food must be conserved correctly and stored at the right temperatures. Food must be put away in the refrigerator or in the pantry in an orderly and visible fashion, and preferably in the same position, so that – at a glance – it is immediately clear what is missing, what is leftover, or what is about to expire. Measuring also means Planning and thinking ahead of time about the meals that will be cooked over the course of the week (how many meals and how many people), the ingredients that must be bought and those that are already present in the kitchen. 
Time is a precious commodity, and the passing of time can also be measured in the products we choose. Just consider those that have been in existence for an extremely long time, spanning across generations and eras, to then end up in our pantry. Time is an invisible, yet fundamental, ingredient in the history of Verrigni Antico Pastificio Rosetano, which owes its foundation to the curiosity of a traveler who came to Abruzzo in the late 1800s, bringing with him his experience from other southern regions where, intrigued, he had seen pasta drying in the sun. Time is a special ingredient that can also be found in the wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano aged by Cantarelli Formaggi, which since 1876 has been making the history of this glorious product that is loved and renowned all over the world.   
With over one hundred years of history behind it, the Liquorificio Morelli was born from an idea of Cavalier Leonello Morelli, who decided to transform a passion into a bona fide profession. Leonello, who was the owner of a small coffee shop in Pisa at that time, enjoyed blending essences and extracts to create liqueurs and infusions that he would then serve to his customers. Plus, there is something that time does: wherever it finds genuine passion, it encourages it to increasingly grow. In fact, a never-ending passion for patisserie is that of De Vivo, which since 1955 in Pompei, has been a solid guarantee of  quality, originality, and authenticity in products that are a resounding success with everyone. The measure of space is instead that of Feudo Mondello: a Sicilian artisan pasta factory with a short supply chain with stone mill that exclusively produces wholemeal pasta of the highest quality by transforming the wheat grown in its own fields. In a small space, a great pasta is created. 
Joined to the word measure is another important word, estimate. Estimate means measuring approximately – and when food shopping, our tool for measuring is common sense. At the same time, there is esteem, as in the high esteem we might feel towards someone – Esteem is a measure of value, and when grocery shopping, the most important thing is knowing how to choose products of value. How can it be done? Well, let’s first take a seat, gather our ideas, and prepare a herbal tea by Wilden Herbals, which is capable of instilling well-being, promoting sustainability, and helping us clarify our thoughts.