Edition 15
Words for storing away in your Pantry
If we were to follow the rules of home economics, before going food shopping, all food in the refrigerator must first be finished; or we should only go shopping on a full stomach, so as to avoid giving into the temptation of stocking up on foods we usually do not consume. In other words, wait and resist. And yet, we decided to put the word TEMPTATION in the Pantry. Etymology leaves no room for doubt, and in fact the word comes from the Provençal – lauzenga – which means lie. In a broader sense, temptation is an invitation, a persuasion or a caress that is undertaken (more or less voluntarily) to persuade someone to do a certain thing. “I’m tempted”, is what is said by someone who is especially pleased or satisfied by having yielded to temptation, and who accordingly does not resist or wait. 
Returning to food shopping: when walking down aisles filled with quality products clamoring for our attention and just asking to be put into our carts, isn’t it a little like walking down a pathway filled with temptation, where a reciprocal game of seduction unfolds?
Let’s take for example a spreadable cream or one of the other products made from Piedmont PGI hazelnuts by Corilu, where in the taste it is possible to rediscover the essence of this project developed by a group of local farmers, lifelong friends, who decided to collaborate together to create something good.
Domodimonti, instead, is a Marches agricultural reality that has set itself the mission of producing wines in harmony with nature, applying organic farming methods, with all processes undertaken exclusively by hand, including a meticulous selection of the grapes.      
Without a doubt the name Frutta Nuda [Ed. Nude Fruit in English] is intriguing, and in fact these jams are made only from organic fruit, and do not contain preservatives, coloring, or artificial flavors. There is instead the taste, color, and consistency of fresh fruit. So, as they state in their claim: “Dare to be different. Taste fruttanuda and get a singular sensation”.
If temptation were an animal, it would undoubtedly be a siren. For those who must tie themselves to the mast of the ship like Ulysses did in order to resist temptation, why should there be such remorse? 
So, we move on to the “fish” department, where our shopping will have to resist the call of Shark – a fish shop specialized in the artisanal production of fish charcuterie, like red tuna bresaola, smoked swordfish loin, "roastfish", fish sausage, marinated salmon, soppressata and octopus bacon, just to name a few. In freshwater, instead, we find the smoked trout of Altura, a fishnet it’s a pleasure to get caught in, bringing together a network of the most virtuous breeders of the Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont Alps and their small low-density farms, which coexist with the environment around them and respect the trout, leaving it space and time to grow with a natural diet. However, temptation can also be found in the small pleasures we allow ourselves, like for example a good coffee from MokaJenne – one of the first coffee roasters opened in Italy, which thanks to its passion and perseverance over time, has contributed to creating an irreplaceable legacy of artisan culture and manufacturing excellence – or a chocolate from Ziccat, the Turin brand which has been synonymous with quality since 1958 with its gianduiotti and pralines, bars, and all sorts and types of creams. As Oscar Wilde once said, “I can resist everything except temptation”.