Jazzy Taste
Edition 16
Whether played solo or in a big band, jazz is a music genre that fully embodies the desire and freedom to experiment with new sounds and combinations. Just as it happens with flavors.
Clarinet, sax, trumpet, and percussion then become "Jazzy Taste," the theme that will set the tone for the next edition of Taste, scheduled for February 4-6, 2023, at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

In perpetual communication and continuous experimentation, tastes, scents, and flavors are sought, cultivated, invented, and rediscovered. The talent of food is rhythm, cadence, beat, chords and disagreements, assonances and dissonances, high and low notes in search of new harmonies. An engaging, immersive, and totalizing experience involving the five senses.

Solo performances, such that of an extraordinary ingredient, juxtapositions in strong contrast, such as sweet and savory, allies or duellists, until reaching the collective energy of an orchestra, that of Taste, which takes the stage together, always emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual.
Like food, music invents and experiments. It follows established paths and then breaks them and creates new ones. It has an irresistible rhythm that is the same as taste and flavor. Accords and disagreements, brotherhoods and contrasts, harmony and sought-after disharmonies: ingredients have their musicality, the ability to play inner chords, evoke and shake, excite and reassure in the creativity of flavors.

— Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine