Testo fa Taste
Csaba dalla Zorza
Edition 15
Csaba dalla Zorza presents:
The modern baker. 120 ricette per riscoprire il piacere del forno
[120 recipes to rediscover the pleasure of baking]
(Guido Tommasi Editore)
Within the pages of a cooking manual, there are lessons in elegance that illuminate the simple daily act of cooking or - as in The Modern Baker - just turning the oven on. Csaba dalla Zorza presented her book, released in November for Guido Tommasi Editore, at Unicredit Taste Arena. In the days of Taste 2022, this was just one of the many events that connected food and publishing, following on from TESTO [How to become a book], the new event staged at the Stazione Leopolda at the end of February with over 70 publishers participating.

The Modern Baker showcases Csaba's baking passion with 120 recipes: all types of breads, desserts, French pastries, and quiches, to be prepared calmly, without ever forgetting to "set the table properly."
Cooking is an act that rewards us from our efforts and allows us to show love to ourselves and our families. It doesn't matter if a woman or man cooks, what matters is that they do it with care, because what we bring to the table nourishes our bodies and especially our souls.

— Csaba dalla Zorza

Csaba dalla Zorza's speech was also filmed by the cameras of Tuorlo, the digital magazine that is a partner of Pitti Taste.