Rice that produces the environment 
Edition 15
Keyword: renaturalize. Restoring the vital functions and fertility of the soil by repairing the damage already done. During the 15th edition of Taste, this was the topic of a talk with Vincenzo Della Monica, brand manager of NeoruraleHub, the laboratory that offers sustainable solutions to help agriculture and companies to recreate a living ecosystem rich in biodiversity to transform the agri-food chain and suburban areas into resources for cities. In 1996, the first experiment of this kind was launched in Pavia: 1,700 hectares of land that was nourished, left to nature, and has returned to the way it was before intensive agriculture took over.
A 153% increase in fertility and the return of plant and animal biodiversity demonstrate the success of this venture. Now, this territory is abundant, populated by horses, deer, bitterns, and the rare purple herons. The cavalieri d'Italia birds nest here as well, precious birds which give their name to the rice produced in this uncontaminated environment

— Vincenzo Della Monica

"Riso Cavaliere d'Italia'' is not just a brand, it is a model that "produces the environment," with a focus on regeneration, soil protection, saving, and quality for a better present and future for humanity and the planet. The Neorurale case study was also featured in a video made by the editorial staff of the digital magazine "Tuorlo," a partner of Pitti Taste.