No Waste also passes through communication
Edition 15
Keyword: Zero waste
On the stage of Unicredit Taste Arena, an interesting talk entitled "Non Waste also passes through communication", addressed the theme of the fifteenth edition of Taste, which is entirely dedicated to the reduction of food waste. Because choosing ethically, practicing sustainability, and protecting the environment means loving and valuing food. Avoid wasting it. In an insightful discussion with Chiara Buzzi, founder of Forketters, Marco Ambrosino, founder of the Collettivo Mediterrano and chef of 28 Posti, Gianni Tratzi, Q-grader and founder of mezzatazza, and with the participation of MP Maria Chiara Gadda, talked about this. Moderator for the event was Anna Prandoni, director of "Gastronomika." While the video cameras of the digital magazine "Tuorlo," a Pitti Taste media partner, filmed exclusive interviews.