Take a look at what the buyers of Taste 2022 have to say!
Edition 15
We have compiled a series of comments from buyers and professionals who participated in this edition.
I have been taking part in Taste since the first edition. The fair is an important rendezvous because it reflects a rigid and strict selection just like ours in New York.  At this edition I found a substantial improvement in terms of space because the new location is much bigger and, as a result, there was a greater level of tranquility during the meetings and tastings.  Everything was slightly more relaxed and professional. Managing to make a fair so much bigger while maintaining this level of quality is a real success.

— Beatrice Ughi, founder, GUSTIAMO (New York)

I have been taking part in Taste for thirteen years.  The Stazione Leopolda undoubtedly had its charm but I prefer the new location of the Fortezza Da Basso: bigger, more professional and really well organized.  Taste is the best sector fair in Europe, you can’t find such a high level of quality anywhere else.  It is always a pleasure to come back here, to meet the companies with which we already work as well as to create new collaborations. I like not having to plan too much, to be able to freely arrive with my eyes open and allow myself to be won over by the passion I see in these producers each time.  You could feel the great love they have for the work they do.  The organization was excellent as usual and the calendar of FuoriDiTaste events was very interesting: I think that getting the whole city involved is a really important aspect. 

— Frank Wilk, Founder, WILK GOURMET GROUP (Germany)

I had never been to Taste and I think I will return for every edition.  I really liked the location of the Fortezza, spacious and really well organized in addition to being in the heart of the city, so logistically convenient. The exhibitors were all of the highest quality, the fair hosts the best artisans in Italy and I was pleasantly surprised by them.  I took part in a Ring with Davide Paolini and was pleased to notice that the event was followed with interest by a lot of people, a sign that the public at the fair was truly focused and from the sector.  I couldn’t help being satisfied.

— Riccardo Uleri, president and CEO, LONGINO & CARDENAL (Italy)

Taste is a very livable fair with an excellent filter for the quality of its exhibitors and the right quantity of visitors. The location is big and convenient being in the heart of the city (unlike many other sector fairs) and is really well organized. I knew it by name but hadn’t had the chance to take part in it before and I am happy that I have done so. I was expecting niche products, but I didn’t expect to only find niche products. I will definitely return for the next edition.

— Leonardo Parpinel, general manager trading, WISK (Dubai)

In my twenty years of working in the food industry, Taste is one of the most beautiful events I have ever attended. It is one of a kind because of its unique selection, high quality, and in line with our standards. You can feel the incredible work behind the fair, the dedication and attention put into the selection. I really appreciated the new location at the Fortezza Da Basso because it is very central, logistically convenient, and offers more space. It was a very positive atmosphere; people enjoyed getting together again after two difficult years. Participating was important both to reconnect with our suppliers as well as to discover new exciting realities. The first meeting with a new company is always crucial because you get an idea of how they work, their philosophy, and you can obviously taste the products. And seeing so many quality products in just two or three days was a great opportunity. The organization was perfect as always.

— Emilio Agiato, managing director, SUM (France)