"Zero Waste: Don’t Waste Food, Don’t Waste the Environment" 
Edition 15
This is the theme of Taste 15, with presentations and special participations
Respect for resources, food, and the Planet: this will be the theme of the talks and events at Taste 15. This edition of the show has chosen to focus its attention on concrete sustainable experiences linked to production, the environment, and final consumers. The title of the main theme is "Zero Waste: Don’t Waste Food, Don’t Waste the Environment." It will be our contribution to protecting the territory and its products, together with the key players involved in this vital challenge.
Here are some of the events and guests to follow at the Fortezza:

Rice that produces environment

TASTE presents the experience of Neorurale, the natural laboratory that provides companies and farm businesses with sustainable solutions to recreate a living and biodiverse ecosystem, to transform the agri-food production chain and the urban suburbs into resources for the cities, becoming environment producers. Cavalieri d'Italia rice was born out of this model, a brand conceived in honor of one of the first bird species to return to nest in the Pavia area, following its renaturalization, which began in 1996. The production operates according to the logic of regeneration, soil protection, savings, and quality for a better present and future for humankind and the planet.
Saturday, 26 March – 3.30pm – TASTE ARENA
With Vincenzo Della Monica, brand manager food of NeoruraleHub

Valorizing instead of wasting

Some of the most significant entities and experiences involved in the “Zero Spreco - Zero Waste” theme and the recovery of resources will present themselves at Taste: Last Minute Market, a social enterprise to support large-scale distribution companies in the recovery of food surpluses, which today carries out activities aimed at preventing loss and waste; Too Good To Go, the first app that directly involves end consumers in the fight against food waste; and Banco Alimentare, the non-for-profit  that deals with the collection of food and the salvaging of food surpluses from agricultural and industrial production and redistribute them to charities that assist the poor and marginalized—moderated by Martina Liverani of Dispensa Magazine.
Saturday, 26 March – 4.30pm – TASTE ARENA

No Waste also passes through communication

Learning to make choices that favor ethical values and those linked to sustainability and the territory means valorizing food all the way. 
Sunday,  27 March – 3pm – TASTE ARENA
With: Chiara Buzzi, founder of Forketters, Marco Ambrosino, founder ofl Collettivo Mediterrano and chef of 28 Posti, Gianni Tratzi, Q-grader and founder of mezzatazza and with the participation of MP Maria Chiara Gadda. Moderated by Anna Prandoni, editor-in-chief of Gastronomika.

Among the events related to the theme, the Ring talk with Davide Paolini “Zero Waste: How much can be salvaged from catering”, scheduled for Sunday 27 March at 4pm.